Vaccine Titer Tests

At the Adored Best Veterinary Clinic we do not recommend yearly vaccine boosters. We do, however, recommend bi-yearly to yearly exams as a preventative health care measure. For our clients who would like the added reassurance that their companion has protective anti-body levels against infectious disease, the clinic offers titer tests; a procedure that measures the anti-body levels in your pet’s blood. Therefore, if by chance one of the viruses has a low anti-body level, we can independently vaccinate for that one disease rather than bombarding your companion’s immune system with numerous viruses that he or she does not need.

We separate vaccines if they need to be given, in order to minimize stress on your animal’s immune system. If he or she has an immune system imbalance or chronic disease, we may prefer to hold off on vaccines untill we get your companion into a more optimal state of health. Vaccinating your companion when their immune system is compromised can lead to a worsening of their present problems or a weakening of their immune system in general.

Most vaccines are administered as “cocktails”, which are a combination of many vaccines given in one shot. We are one of the few clinics that will specially order individual vaccinations for the welfare of your pet.